Tesla’s new Model X plagued by quality problems

tesla_xIt appears as though Tesla’s new Model X is having some growing pains.

Several reports suggest the electric car company’s SUV are suffering from several quality issues.

From doors that don’t open to finicky windows and electronics, Tesla’s latest production vehicle is drawing complaints form its drivers.

A report in the Wall Street Journal quotes at least one woman as saying her doors have problems opening and closing.

Another driver with a problematic Model X was quoted in the WSJ as saying that when he called his local Tesla shop to get his broken doors repaired, he was told that there would be a two week wait because Tesla was reportedly “overloaded with repair” appointments.

Not good for a vehicle that’s supposed to be the company’s biggest volume seller, a vehicle that’s already been delayed to get to this point.

Don’t forget – Tesla may be known for its fast, connected cars but not necessarily quality. Consumer Reports says the Tesla Model S has so many problems that despite it’s good driving manners, they can’t recommend it. 

Let’s see how quality improves as Model X deliveries go up, and whether they’re able to work out any issues with the upcoming Model 3.

Mustang meme overload prompts owner to sell Ford


A Ford Mustang owner who seems to be sick of all the memes making fun of the muscle car has had enough and decided to sell his hot rod.

A Craigslist user in the Seattle area appears to be selling his ‘Stang because of all the unwanted attention he’s getting following a week of memes making fun of Mustang drivers.

In the listing, the owner says:

“I am sick and tired of the Mustang memes. Every time I go to get gas someone asks if I’ve done any burnouts lately or if I’ve been to any car shows… then they laugh and answer for me. ‘No because the car is still in one piece'”

In case you’ve missed any of the memes, here’s a YouTube video showing a Mustang leaving a car enthusiast event in Chicago. The Ford pulls out onto the main street and then shortly crashes.

Top Gear’s new hosts Evans and LeBlanc not getting along: report


BBC Top Gear’s new hosts Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc reportedly have a very frosty relationship, according to the Sun.

Things between the Brit and the American took a turn for the worse following the Cenotaph stunt, in which the former Friends star was seen doing donuts around a war memorial.

Since then, the relationship hasn’t improved. Evans things the smoke-filled stunt has hurt the image of Top Gear, a show that’s struggling since the departure of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

An unidentified source tells that Sun “Matt was never Chris’s choice — it was a decision forced upon him to attract the US market.”