Mustang meme overload prompts owner to sell Ford


A Ford Mustang owner who seems to be sick of all the memes making fun of the muscle car has had enough and decided to sell his hot rod.

A Craigslist user in the Seattle area appears to be selling his ‘Stang because of all the unwanted attention he’s getting following a week of memes making fun of Mustang drivers.

In the listing, the owner says:

“I am sick and tired of the Mustang memes. Every time I go to get gas someone asks if I’ve done any burnouts lately or if I’ve been to any car shows… then they laugh and answer for me. ‘No because the car is still in one piece'”

In case you’ve missed any of the memes, here’s a YouTube video showing a Mustang leaving a car enthusiast event in Chicago. The Ford pulls out onto the main street and then shortly crashes.