Audi technology predicts when the red light will change

Can’t stand waiting for the traffic light to turn green? Audi has technology to help you get a jump on the other guys.

Audi’s Connect Prime service will help drivers know when a traffic light will turn red, and when the signal will change to green.

The feature will be available in three new models beginning this fall.

However, don’t expect to be jumping the reds in any town, right away.

The technology relies on data from each city’s traffic light infrastructure, which is sent to the car via its onboard LTE connection. Only “select cities and metropolitan areas across the U.S.” will jive with the new system.

It’s all through their vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) system that connects cars to the road infrastructure, making the cars smarter in the process.

The car will determine and show the driver the optimal speed they should be travelling at so they don’t have to come to a stop at the intersection.

The goal is to reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions.

If you’d like this feature on your next Audi, you’ll have to tick the right option box on the forthcoming A4, A4 Allroad or Q7.

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