Hyundai Genesis Coupe discontinued

Hyundai is killing off its rear-wheel drive sports car, the Genesis Coupe. This model year will be its last.

The news, reported by Motor Trend and other outlets, comes as the Korean automaker moves ahead with plans to turn the Genesis name into its own luxury brand. Think of what Audi is to VW, or what Lincoln is to Ford.

With aggressive styling and a potent engine, the Genesis Coupe stood out for its value-minded pricing.

Its naturally-aspirated 3.8-litre V6 engine could pump out 348 horsepower, while the smaller 2.0 inline-four was good for 274 ponies.

Its reception in car reviews wasn’t overly impressive. Let’s be honest, if you wanted a larger rear-wheel drive car that was short on practicality, you’d opt for an American muscle car or spend a little extra to get Japanese quality.

Although this model is dying off, we’ll probably see something similar from Hyundai once it gets its new Genesis brand up and running.



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